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31st Distrct PTA Membership Information


TOTEM Online Membership


Steps for Units:

  1. Invite your leaders—you can request your invitation using this link –
    1. Confirm your PTA/PTSA information specifically your Dues amount (pre filled information is from California State PTA records, but should be confirmed by local leaders)
    2. Connect your bank account –
    3. Authenticate the bank account (If the treasurer signed your PTA up then the President authenticates, if the President signed up then the Treasurer authenticates — or other two officers)
    4. Personalize your site –

    Once these steps are done, if a unit/council and district are also signed up then California State PTA will contact the District President and authorize the unit being turned on.  When the unit is activated they receive an email and so does the council (if in council) and the district and the e-membership team at California State PTA



    California State PTA Membership Links & Forms




    2018 — 2019 Membership Theme “Believe in Our Children, Believe in PTA”


    Take the Membership Marketing Challenge for 2018 — 2019!

    Check out our 19 ideas to market your PTA. These strategies have been successful and we think you should give them a try. If you complete 10 or more ideas and submit the online form, you will win our Membership Marketing Challenge! Your PTA will receive a certificate and a special ribbon at convention. You’ll also be entered into a drawing to win $200 for your PTA! Ten lucky PTAs will win the cash prize. Do you have another great membership strategy? Share it and we’ll count that too.

    Membership Increase Challenge

    This challenge is easy — all you have to do is increase your membership numbers from last year! The deadline for this challenge is April 30, 2019. Each unit that increase its membership number over last year’s number will receive a certificate and pin acknowledging the accomplishment; and will be entered into a drawing for cash prizes. For every 50 additional members the local unit will receive an additional drawing entry. No need to fill out any forms — just remit your membership dues as you usually do and we’ll count the members in the state office by the end of April. We will be awarding ten $200 cash prizes to local PTAs. Check out other incentives, challenges and awards.



    Looking for new ideas to increase PTA membership at your school? How about ways to engage students or teachers in PTA? Check out these great ideas and resources:


    UPDATED! Social media and website graphics can help reinforce the PTA brand. Download the new graphics with the “Believe in Our Children, Believe in PTA” theme.


    Social Media Graphics

    Other Graphics




    Customizable Fliers

    No need to write that invitation letter from scratch! Here’s an easy way to invite your parents, school staff and community members to join your PTA: the customizable marketing flier. Simply customize by filling in the blanks on the template, add a few photos and quotes, and save it to your computer. Your customized membership flier can be sent out electronically, or copied and distributed at PTA or community events. Print out the flier in color or black and white, attach a PTA membership envelope, and your membership campaign is on its way! Take a look at a sample flier.

    Ready-to-Print Fliers and Resources

    California State PTA and National PTA offer a variety of FREE resources in multiple languages – ready to download, print and share with parents and families at your school.