All students attending PTA schools sponsoring the program are invited to participate and submit original artwork in one of six areas.

Artworks are submitted first to local unit PTAs. Unit PTAs then choose a selection of entries, which are then sent on to councils and then districts for consideration.

The final artworks submitted to California State PTA by districts are then considered for Outstanding Interpretation, Awards of Excellence or Awards of Merit.

Outstanding Interpretation and Award of Excellence entries then go on to represent California in the final National PTA judging round.


Reflections 2021-2022 Call For Entries:

Theme: "I Will Change the World By..."





Relfections Presentation Slides:


To learn more, find resources and forms you can visit:

California State PTA Reflections

National PTA Reflections


  • For Music Composition: Students can submit music notation OR a written reflective statement that provides technical explanation.
    • What creative & musical decisions did the student make to achieve the final version?
    • How were the musical elements developed?
    • What equipment (if any) was used?
    • What sounds and/or musical ideas were used to represent certain ideas or emotions?
    • How were the student's creative and musical decisions influenced by their expertise, context and expressive intent?
  • For Dance /Film: Students can submit in .mp4, .mov, or .avi format
  • For Photography: The photo can be of writing, but no additional writing can be added using editing software, then it becomes a visual arts submission instead.


  • All submissions must include an artist statement (Interpretation of theme is the highest weighed element of judging)!
  • Submissions must be ORIGINAL (created for this program and theme),
  • Submissions must be by only ONE STUDENT (although others may appear in the work)
  • Guidelines must be followed






That’s the theme for the 2021-2022 Reflections Art Program which has been bringing the arts to life for more than 10 million students since 1969. And California State PTA and its members, families and kids are on the forefront of this amazing program, which increases community awareness of the importance of arts in education.

Reflections encourages students of all ages to:

Unleash creative talents and be inspired

Express themselves imaginatively in their artwork

Experience the fun and joy of making art

Tap into critical-thinking skills to create art inspired by the annual theme

Receive positive recognition for their original works of art.



  1. Interpretation: How closely the piece relates to the theme, based on the work itself and the artist statement. 
  2. Creativity: How creative and original the piece is in its conception of the theme and its presentation. 
  3. Technique: The level of skill demonstrated in the basic principles/techniques of the arts area.

Judges strongly consider the interpretation of the Reflections theme during the evaluation process. It is suggested that students give their submissions a title that stands out and describes how the piece relates to the student’s personal interpretation of the theme. The following guiding questions can be useful when developing a title and artist statement: 

  • How does your work relate to the theme?
  • What is your personal connection to the theme?
  • What did you use to create your work (e.g., supplies, technology, instrumentation, props, etc.)
  • What/who was your inspiration?


State & National Prizes & Recognition

The Top 2 winners per category, per grade division, will be submitted for PTA Reflections 31st District judging.

LOCAL: Submissions will be recognized, celebrated and judged at Reed, while a non-judged Special Artists division celebrates student artists with special needs. Reed participants will receive a participation and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons.  
Top entries per category will be sent to the 31st District for consideration for submission to California State PTA, and will be featured in the 31st District Reflections Event.

DISTRICT: Top judged submissions in each categoety will receive recognition at the 31st District Reflections Event, medals and certificates, and will then go on to represent 31st District in the CA State PTA judging round. 


Outstanding Interpretation honorees receive:

  • Onstage recognition at the California State PTA Annual Convention
  • The opportunity to showcase their artwork at the California State PTA Convention Reflections Gallery
  • Prizes including an Outstanding Interpretation plaque, award and certificate

Award of Excellence honorees receive:

  • The opportunity to showcase their artwork at the California State PTA Convention Reflections Gallery
  • Prizes including an Award of Excellence medallion, award and certificate

Award of Merit honorees receive:

  • The opportunity to showcase their artwork at the California State PTA Convention Reflections Gallery
  • Prizes including an Award of Merit medallion and certificate

Outstanding Interpretation and Award of Excellence entries then go on to represent California in the final National PTA judging round.


Outstanding Interpretation honorees:

  • Are recognized with an expense-paid trip for the awardee and chaperone to showare work on state at the National PTA Convention
  • $800 Young Artist Scholarship
  • Gold Medal
  • Certificate for Outstanding Interpretation, will have their work featured in the traveling exhibition, and will win a $200 prize for Reed PTSA.

Award of Excellence winners:

  • Will win a $200 Young Artist Scholarship;
  • Silver Medal
  • Certificiate of Excellence
  • Will have their work featured in the traveling exhibition.

Visit the Reflections virtual art gallery and learn more about prizes and scholarships at




5th Annual Reflections Art Gallery & Gala


TBD – Preferred deadline for submissions to your school.



(1) Complete count of your submissions. [If you know who is moving forward by default (no judging necessary) send those counts as well.]

(2) Your list of names of participating students in alphabetical order, by submission category and if they are primary (K-2) or intermediate (3-5)

(3) Names of your Reflections officer, Reflections committee, Principal and PTA President.

(4) Double check spelling we will add all the names onto the program the way we receive it.


TBD – Deadline for turning in submissions with dvds, cds and flash drives. We need time to upload and make sure they are ready by tech day.

TBD- Deadline to breakdown space and return all artwork back with you after the event!!! Thanksgiving weekend begins the following day and all schools will be closed for the week.

TBD - Deadline for district submissions. Be on the lookout for emails from Ms. Karen Green on times and submission rules. If you need assistance on how to submit your entries to District, please let us know we will be happy to assist.




Art gallery Decoration space: Once you have all your submissions: start brainstorming how you would like to decorate your space. The more you’re able to do at your school, the less time you will need at Millikan to decorate. Be creative and have fun!!!


Reminder, all Reflection chairs and committees must stay after the gala to breakdown your space and return all artwork back with you. Thanksgiving weekend begins the following day and all schools will be closed for the week.



1. Hospitality – This means help with setup and prep the food area, laying out food, plates, cups, etc. on a continuous basis.

2. Food servers

3. Apple cider fillers and flute servers.

4. Help throw away garbage and store food after the gala.

5. Supervision (Mr. Frome who is Millikan’s’ Drama teacher will have his fantastic student stage design crew there make sure the event runs smoothly) We will need a few adults to supervise the stage crew.

a. Make sure there are at least two to four stage crew by the door handing out programs as the guests come in.

b. Make sure there are at least two-stage crews as ushers sitting people.

c. Make sure there are at least two-stage crews assisting the food line in a very organized and friendly manner

d. Supervise the stage crew who will be working backstage. The stage crew backstage will be responsible for all activities taking place with performance. I.e.: gather the performers to go backstage once the performance portion of the gala begins. make sure all the performers remain back in waiting area until they are done performing, (performers can return to their seats and watch the show after they are done performing) cue the artists, open and close curtains, bring table out for award portion of the show, bring out props like mics, stands, podiums etc.


6. Assist with setup of the ribbons and moving on medals on the stage table on day of gala.

7. Assist with decoration and design of Burrill Hall. This will be a few days leading up to the gala. If you can come by on one of days for even 30 minutes to an hour, this will be very helpful.

8. Assist with food purchase, food pick up, etc.

9. Be a judge for new schools who are starting Reflections in their schools this year.



1. One case of Apple cider Champagne. If you can donate more, we could really use it.

2. We are also asking for a vegetable platter or dessert dish to be donated from each school enough for about 50-100 people.

Schools in alphabetical names starting from A-F donate a veggie platter.

Schools in alphabetical name s starting from G-Z donate dessert dish. (Could be fruit platter)


All veggie platters and desserts must be store bought and ready to be served. Try to avoid any food that needs to be warmed up.


***(You can start dropping off your case(s) of Apple Cider/bottled water at Millikan and we can store them at the parent center. Let us know when you’re dropping it off so we can make arrangements to meet you there. (Please be sure to Label your school name so we know whom it’s from)