Unit Officer Position FirstName LastName email
Carpenter Charter Elementary PTA Treasurer Heather Slotnick email
Champs Charter High School of the Arts PTSA President Sterling Smith email
Chandler Elementary PTA President Tamara Jones email
Coldwater Canyon Elementary PTA President Juan Jose Estrada email
Colfax Avenue Elementary PTA President Samantha Dorf email
Erwin Street Elementary School PTA Treasurer Yvette Diamond email
John B. Monlux Elementary PTA President Anna Alagulyan email
Kester Avenue Elementary PTA President Amanda Plummer email
Rio Vista Elementary PTA Parliamentarian Jessica Kelly email
Riverside Charter PTA President Lara Larkin email
Robert A. Millikan Middle PTSA President Lori Schlaifer email
Sylvan Park PTA President Melanie Urias email
Toluca Lake Elementary School PTA President Rochelle Lewis email
Valley View Elementary PTA President Lita E. O'Donnell email
Vista PTSA President Karen Willingham email
Walter Reed MS PTSA President Shaina Bogorad email